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Growing up, I always enjoyed making new and unusual “creations”.  Learning to sew at a young age, designing and making clothes and accessories was a part of my early years.  My father was an earth science teacher, and instilled in me a love of everything in nature. Our family trips were to National Parks, historical sites and science museums.  As a teen, on different occasions, we went mining for garnets in Nevada, and looking for Herkimer diamonds in Upstate New York. Thus, my love and appreciation of the beauty of gemstones was born.  In later years, for over a decade, my dad and I would attend an annual “Gem and Mineral Show”. It was always an adventure for us,

finding unusual and one of a kind gems and jewelry.   

In 2007, I made a decision to try something new, so I took a class in jewelry making. 

A new hobby was born!  I have been designing and creating ever since.  

At first, it was just for myself, then as gifts to family and loved ones.  My collection became so large that it occupied an entire closet!   My husband jokingly said, “You need to start selling this”. 

I started with a few local craft shows and charity events, then by word of mouth. 

Many have asked about a website, now thanks to my wonderful husband,

the website was finally launched!

 I have combined my passion for making jewelry with my love for Jesus to bring you,

Damascus Road Creations...


Saul of Tarsus was enthusiastic about his line of work. Nothing could stop him from getting the job done-at any cost. His attitude was admirable, but he was living his life going down the wrong road.

He was fighting a cause for all the wrong reasons.
Then, one day as he was going about his business, the Truth was revealed to him. On the road to Damascus, Saul had an encounter with Jesus that changed the way he lived his life forever. Everything about him was different, even his name was changed. He became Paul, the Apostle. ( Acts 9:1-30)

Have you had your Damascus Road encounter?

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